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Preferred by Professionals!

Our traps are designed with unique and effective MessyLess Adhesive, the glue that sticks to insects but not your fingers, and have been proven to have the highest catch rate in several independent research studies.

Our Products Are Great For

* commercial farms

* orchards

* home gardens

* greenhouses

* inside the home 

* and anywhere else you need a solution for insect pests 


We Have The Solutions!

Pest Wizard has a solution for over 50 species, including codling moth, apple maggot and other deciduous fruit flies, citrus leafminer, leafrollers, borers, aphids, leafhoppers, cabbage loopers, and so many more.  Scientifically-formulated pheromone lures attract a target species to the traps to increase catch rates and reduce pest populations faster. Use our products in combination with your existing pest control product line for even better results!

Our Magical Team

Chief of Operations: Mary

Production Lead: Don

IPM Consultant: Dwayne

Owner: Bill

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