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How To Deploy

Yellow Card Trap hanging in a tree

Deploy traps when pests begin to emerge from winter or ask your garden center expert for the best deployment times in your growing zone.

Hang traps outside the foliage or on a stake at shoulder height.  Deploy baited traps about 10 feet apart. Severe infestations may require extra traps.

If an untended weedy area is nearby, hang an extra trap from a garden stake between the edge of the crop and the weeds.

Check traps weekly for target pest. As soon as you catch a couple, deploy additional traps. When traps become 75% saturated with insects before the lures expires, move the lure to a fresh trap and continue. Lures should be replaced as they expire per the timing on the package; replacement lures are available. Replace traps and lures as needed through the season.

Continue deployment into the fall for maximum trap captures of adults as they emerge throughout the season from their pupal stage.


How to assemble a paper delta trap:

Nine steps of delta trap assembly

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